Rural Cancer Stories - seeking feedback to evaluate resources


Rural Cancer Stories is a new online resource that features the stories of country cancer patients, survivors and their carers. It includes information on how they have coped and continue to cope with cancer, things they wish they knew earlier and practical tips they want to share with people who are going through similar experiences.

The project was funded by Cancer Council SA, the Sansom Institute for Health Research and the auDA Foundation.

We are now looking for people who are 18 years of age or older, live outside a metropolitan area, have watched at least three of the videos and have been diagnosed with cancer in the past 10 years (or supported/cared for someone who fits this description) to help evaluate this resource.

If you are interested in assisting so we can understand its impact and make further improvements, we would be very grateful. Please email Kate at[email protected] or phone 08 8302 1840 to find out more. Please leave a voice message with your name and phone number and we will return your call if we are unable to answer straight away.

The two to five minute videos are designed to provide online peer support and evidence-based advice to rural Australians who can’t access a face-to-face cancer support group, and/or who feel generic supportive care materials don’t fully recognize the unique challenges rural people face and the more limited resources and professional services available to them.

To access the YouTube channel, visit or search ‘rural cancer stories’ on YouTube ( Once you are on the channel, you will find further information in a short introductory video.




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