About Us

About Us

Cancer Voices SA is ‘raising a voice for those affected by cancer’ through advocacy, involvement, awareness and information.

Our focus is on wellness and not just illness.

Having cancer is not a pre-requisite for joining up.

Membership is free and open to all South Australians eg cancer patients, their partner, carers, family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and supporters because  ‘Cancer doesn’t affect one person, it affects the entire community around them’.

We are an independent, not-for-profit, 100% volunteer organisation, formed in 2007. We cover all types & stage of cancers across all ages, social circumstances, gender and locality.

The Cancer Voices SA membership continues to grow and has now reached about 800. 

We aim to be representative, responsive and respectful of the diversity of our grassroots members background and experiences, and we try hard to hear those views.  We have regular engagement and interaction via our websites (www.cancervoicessa.org.auwww.cancervoicessa.org.au and www.cvsacyclingteam.org.auwww.cvsacyclingteam.org.au ), social media (Twitter @CancerVoicesSA, FaceBook – CancerVoicesSA, YouTube) and physical activity initiatives.

The organisation is led by a 10 member Executive Team.  Additional Supporters advise the Executive on specific topics including multicultural, Aboriginal and eHealth issues.  Our Constitution (Rules of Incorporation) is registered under the Incorporated Associations Act (SA) 1985.

Cancer Voices South Australia was officially launched by the Minister for Health, the Honourable John Hill on 13th November 2007. Minister Hill spoke of the importance of consumers being involved in their health care through groups such as Cancer Voices and the impact of cancer on everyone.

The message from Ashleigh Moore, Cancer Voices Executive, at the Launch was:

health services and associated organisations must shift their thinking to ‘really’ listen to consumers and their invaluable ‘lived experience’ – the experience that not everyone can imagine or ever know until they have walked in our shoes”. To consumers, his message was not be afraid and "raise your voice" – if you are unable to do so directly then approach a fellow member of Cancer Voices SA and we will carry the baton and raise our voice on your behalf."

Check out our Achievements over the years since our launch.

Brenda Wilson, CEO of The Cancer Council SA, gave support to Cancer Voices SA and outlined important links to current initiatives including the South Australian Cancer Clinical Networks and the State Cancer Control Plan.

CVSA launch Nov 2007


Cancer Voices South Australia


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