3 Feb - Ashleigh Moore OAM, Chair of Cancer Voices SA  - Rest in Peace.  Sadly Ashleigh passed away from lung cancer.  About 300 people attended his funeral on 11 Feb 2014.


Activities organised by Cancer Voices 

 March - Ashleigh Moore Memorial bike Ride  (see photos at https://www.flickr.com/photos/cancervoicessa/sets/72157643098474393  About 80 participants

April -Jul   'Patients as Teachers' - Cancer Voices commenced series of 16 x 1hr tutorials with small groups of 8 medical students at Adelaide Uni, describing the personal impacts of cancer

April- Nov - Exercise and Cancer - Cancer Voices commences discussions around increasing fitness coaches & personal trainers knowledge & understanding of cancer.

Oct-Exercise and Cancer Forum, CVSA in collaboration with Regency TAFE Diploma of Fitness,   Julie Marker, Tricia LaBella, Jason Schild

April - Commenced Cancer Voices SA Scoop.it siteCancer Voices SA Scoop.it site for posting links to articles and reports relevant to people affected by cancer.  Check it out now!  Scoop.itScoop.it

Oct - CVSA Challenge Ride event (photos)  detailsdetails


Presentations/ submissions by Cancer Voices SA

February - 'Patients as Teachers' personal impacts of cancer, presentation to UniSA palliative and supportive care nursing students by Tony Hamdorf

March - Response to Cancer Australia: draft Recommendations for the identification and management of fear of cancer recurrence in adult cancer survivors; contributed to Cancer Voices Australia submission



April - Cancer Voices Skin Cancer Survey - to contribute results to Skin Cancer National Senate InquirySkin Cancer National Senate Inquiry

April - 'Patients as Teachers' personal impacts of cancer, presentation to UniSA palliative and supportive care nursing students; Arthur & Kathie Seager, Tricia LaBella, Julie Marker

April - National Skin Cancer Senate InquiryNational Skin Cancer Senate Inquiry - Cancer Voices SA submission and attended hearing as a witness (Julie Marker representing Cancer Voices SA).  

April - Patients access to pathology & imaging results: met with Ken Barr, Head SA Health Pathology & Imaging.  Julie Marker & Eric Browne, Cancer Voices SA; Michael Cousins-Health Consumers Alliance SA 

May - Response to: Senate inquiry into out-of-pocket costs in Australian HealthcareSenate inquiry into out-of-pocket costs in Australian Healthcare; contributed to Cancer Voices Australia submission.

May - Response to: Consensus Statement for the Management of Laboratory Results that Pose High Risk to Patients and Require Timely CommunicationConsensus Statement for the Management of Laboratory Results that Pose High Risk to Patients and Require Timely Communication.  Cancer Voices SA submission.

June - Noarlunga Cancer Information Forum (Speakers Dr Gwyn Jolley, Julie Marker, Gill Cancer Council SA)

 July - Cancer conversations in Aboriginal communities - Julie Marker presentation to SAHMRI Aboriginal Cancer Reference Group 

 July - Reducing the Gap between Research and Policy - forumReducing the Gap between Research and Policy - forum,  Speakers Stephanie Miller HCA, Tim Agius, Julie Marker 

Aug- SA PoCoG Psycho-Oncology Research Group - 'Survivors as teachers' session with Scott, Kath and daughter Annie presenting their experience.

Sep - Oncology post grad nurses - 'Survivors as teachers' session with Monique presenting her cancer experience story.

Oct - FCIC Cancer Data - presentations by CVSA's Agnes Vitry 'Low hanging fruit in survivorship research' & Julie Marker: Measuring what matters to survivors

Nov Lyell McEwin Cancer Centre - 'Survivors as teachers' - Louise & Tricia presenting their experience to rural oncology centre nurses by videoconferencing

Nov- Transforming Health - CVSA submission

Nov- Cancer and Chronic Disease Think-Tank organised by Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer,  presenting consumer perspective, Steph Newell, Agnes Vitry & Julie Marker



Projects supported by Cancer Voices SA members

January-Dec - Cancer Voices members meet to a discuss issues around 'return to work' and cancer; Chris Christensen, Agnes Vitry, Monique Bareham, Julie Marker & guests Dr Vicky Knott, Marie Ennis

July - Life after cancer - stories building resilience,  FCIC Cancer Insights evening in collaboration with Cancer Voices SA -

Oct - Return to Work after Cancer project commences



Active participation by Cancer Voices SA reps

January - Southern Fleurieu & Kangaroo Island Medicare LocalSouthern Fleurieu & Kangaroo Island Medicare Local met with Cancer Voices Julie Marker, Eric Browne, Agnes Vitry, Chris Yiallouros

February, Sep, Dec  - SA Cancer Services- Strategy CommitteeSA Cancer Services- Strategy Committee meeting  (Julie Marker & Don Piro, Cancer Voices,  consumer reps on this committee formerly known as the SA Cancer Clinical Network)

June - SA Cancer Services -2016-2020 Cancer Control Plan  meeting (Cancer Voices - Don Piro, Scott Nussey, Julie Marker)

February - Dec:   planning for 2015 FCIC Survivorship Conference2015 FCIC Survivorship Conference begins (to be held 6-7 Feb 2015 at Adelaide Convention Centre) with Cancer Voices consumer reps involved

March, Aug, Oct, Nov  - SA Health & Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) Cancer Collaborative meeting (Julie Marker, Cancer Voices, consumer rep on this committee) See photos inside SAHMRI at https://www.flickr.com/photos/cancervoicessa/sets/72157644338213541/ 

April - Attended 'Managing disparieties in cancer care: what we can learn from international initiatives?Managing disparieties in cancer care: what we can learn from international initiatives? Prof Greta Cummings visiting Adelaide Uni School of Nursing.

April - CareSearch Palliative Care Knowledge NetworkCareSearch Palliative Care Knowledge Network, National Advisory Group meeting. (Julie Marker, Cancer Voices, consumer rep on this committee)

April - SA Psycho-Oncology Research GroupPsycho-Oncology Research Group meeting (Cancer Voices Julie Marker, Scott Nussey, Marie Ennis contributed consumer perspective feedback to 5 PhD student presentations)

May - Participated in Brain Cancer Forum organised by Adult Brain Cancer Support Assoc, Cancer Council SA, Brain Tumour Alliance Aust, with Cure Brain Cancer Foundation webinar - view hereCure Brain Cancer Foundation webinar - view here.

May, Oct - FCICFCIC Survivorship Services Planning meeting.  Cancer Voices SA participants Scott Nussey, Chris Yiallouros, Chris Christensen, Julie Marker, Marie Ennis

May – meeting with researchers regarding consumer involvement (Cancer Voices Agnes Vitry, Ross Pagram, Julie Marker)

May - AGITG Consumer Advisory PanelAGITG Consumer Advisory Panel (CAP) meeting. AGITG - Australasian GastroIntestinal Trials GroupAGITG - Australasian GastroIntestinal Trials Group. Cancer Clinical Trials Groups provide another way to use your cancer experience. There are 14 Cancer Australia clinical trials groups14 Cancer Australia clinical trials groups.   AGITG arranged a visit to the new LifeHouse Cancer Centre in Sydney.  See LifeHouse Cancer Centre photos by Julie Marker.

July - FCIC Cancer Survivorship Data forum (CVSA participants Chris Christensen, Monique Bareham, Stephanie Newell, Scott Nussey, Eric Browne, Martin Timmins, Julie Marker)

July - Health economics in cancer research Workshop (Julie Marker, Don Piro participated as members of the Joint Community Advisory Committee of the Psycho-Oncology Clinical Trial Group and Primary Care Cancer Collaborative Clinical Trials Group PoCoG/PC4 JCAG

Oct - Health Consumers Alliance SA & International Centre for Allied Health Evidence ran 3 consumer Journal Club sessions

Oct- Bellberry workshop- Challenges of Crossover in cancer clinical trials - 7 CVSA members participated, Chris, Martin, Malcolm & Beverly, Caroline, Rincy & Julie

Nov- SA PoCoG research interest group meeting

Nov- Transforming Health information session organised by Health Consumers Alliance SA

Nov -Australian Cancer Consumer Network - launch in Canberra, Parliament House

Nov- Transforming Health Summit (CVSA by invitation)



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