Here is a list of achievements for CancerVoices SA in 2008

Advocacy on issues:

• Radiotherapy under-dosing incident at the Royal Adelaide Hospital

• Chemotherapy over-dosing at the Womens and Childrens Hospital

• Coordinated, holistic and multi-disciplinary team approach to cancer care, plus: Raise awareness of consumer interest in ‘integrated medicine’ with complementary therapies; and Need for services including support after treatment has ended, support for carers after the patient has passed away, legal/financial counselling (eg powers of attorney, wills, superannuation), sexual/sexuality issues, help for patients with a young family etc.

Ongoing representation on:

• SA Cancer Clinical Network (CCN) Steering committee and the following subcommittees/working groups: 
Optimising Cancer Care subcommittee 
Cancer Information subcommittee 
Infrastructure subcommittee 
Radiation Oncology subcommittee 
Radiotherapy Performance Indicators working group, 
Complementary Therapies working group (chaired by CVSA Exec)

• SA Quality and Safety Council in Healthcare Consumer Advisory Committee.

• Cancer Voices Australia (CVA) Board.

• Cancer Australia - National Consumer Advisory Committee.

• EdCAN - Cancer Nurses Education Project.

• CareSearch - Palliative Care National Advisory Group

Forums/Meetings/Workshops attended:

• Clinical Oncology Society of Australia - Consumer Forum (Nov 08, Sydney).

• Consumer Health Forum and Medicines Australia advocacy workshop for health consumer organisations (Nov 08, Canberra).

• National Institute of Complementary Medicine – Forum on information production, coordination, dissemination (Sep 08, Sydney).

• Workshop- Improving the availability, access and quality of cancer information for clinicians and consumers (July 08, Adelaide).

• CaNET National Cancer Network workshops.

Southern Fleurieu Cancer Network - Launch
Cancer Australia - CanNet  Multi-disciplinary Care Forum
Cancer Council SA - Support Group Leaders Development Forum
Southern Fleurieu Cancer Network - Update


Radiotherapy benchmarks for cancer treatments, from the consumers perspective. (to CCN, Apr 08) 
Integrative oncology and Complementary therapies for cancer care in Australia and overseas - CVSA background paper (to CCN, Jun 08). 
Cancer Advocacy Groups and Pharma Funding: CVSA discussion paper (to CVA, Jun 08).
RAH cancer patient’s Radiotherapy dosing errors – CVSA concerns (to Dr Tony Sherbon, July 08).
RAH radiotherapy incident – CVSA concerns (to Prof Delaney, Aug 08).



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