Achievements for CancerVoices SA in 2011


  • To FMC Oncology Nurses on patients view of treatment (Mar 11)
    Radiotherapy Conference – treatment from the patients view (Apr 11)
    RAH Postgrad Oncology nurses (Aug 11)
    SA PoCoG – consumer issues (Sep 11)

Events organized by CVSA

  • Pre-Twitter ride with Lance Armstrong (Jan 11)
  • LIVESTRONG Day rideride (Oct 11)
  • Exercise and Cancer Forum (Nov 11)
  • CVSA AGM - Nov 2011 (Chair's Report)
  • Cancer Conversations in Aboriginal Communities – Pt Lincoln Sept 11, Port Adelaide Nov 11

Forums/Meetings/Workshops attended:

  • Clinical Oncology Society Australia Annual ConferenceAnnual Conference COSA (Nov 11)
  • Cancer - Exercise & Nutrition Workshop FCICFCIC (Nov 11)
  • Festival of IdeasFestival of Ideas –‘Waltzing with Jack Dancer’ & ‘Tell me the truth-difficult conversations about cancer’.
  • Display stall CanLink Networking forum CanTeenCanTeen/CYWHS – (Sep 11)
  • Health Consumers Alliance (HCAHCA) Advocacy training (Sep 11)
  • National Health Reform briefing (Sep 11)
  • Prioritising Gaps in Colorectal Cancer Clinical Trials –consensus meeting (Aug 11)
  • Display stall at Disability and Ageing Expo (Aug 11)
  • Radiation Oncology RORIC – Beyond Bricks and MortarBeyond Bricks and Mortar Conference (Aug 11)
  • Centre for Men’s Health ResearchCentre for Men’s Health Research –Update forum (July 11)
  • Forum: Stigma and Nihilism in lung cancerStigma and Nihilism in lung cancer (Jun 11)
  • Health Services Complaints CommissionerHealth Services Complaints Commissioner – Safer Conversations Training (Jun 11)
  • PoCoGPoCoG/ PC4 JCAGPC4 JCAG training day (Apr 11 & Sep 11)
  • Health Consumers Alliance (HCAHCA) Conference: Patient Centred Care (Apr 11)
  • CCSACCSA Planning Forum (Apr 11)
  • Cancer Australia Strategic Planning with Consumers (Apr 11)
  • Launch of book – Waltzing with Jack Dancer (Mar 11)
  • CCSACCSA Student’s Research Forum (March 11)
  • Cancer Clinical Network ExpoExpo, (Feb 11)
  • Launch of CanTeen Youth Networks ProgramCanTeen Youth Networks Program, (Jan 11)



LIVESTRONG Day Ride videovideo (Oct 11)

5AAA Amanda Blair radio interviews – (Aug 11)

LifeSupport MagazineLifeSupport Magazine – members stories contributed (Aug 11)

CVSA's Ashleigh Moore interviews Chris Brewer (26 Jan 2011)

LIVESTRONG's Chris Brewer interviews Ashleigh Moore (21 Jan 2011) LIVESTRONG Blog LIVESTRONG Blog

Lance's legacyLance's legacy in SA, as a cyclist and cancer survivor (20 Jan 2011) ABC TV 7.30 ReportABC TV 7.30 Report


Representation on:

SA Cancer Clinical NetworkSA Cancer Clinical Network (CCN) Steering committee and subcommittees/working groups:

Head and Neck Cancer Pathway working group

Complementary Therapies working group (chaired by CVSA Exec)

   Flinders Centre for Innovation in CancerFlinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer - Consumer input to design

• SA eHealth Consumer Reference Group

- Consumers eHealth Alliance (CEHA) Australia

Cancer Voices AustraliaCancer Voices Australia (CVA) Board.

• Cancer AustraliaCancer Australia - National Consumer Advisory Committee.

-Cancer Australia Consumer Engagement Framework – Consumer Reference Group

- Cancer Australia Lung Cancer –Models of Care Steering Committee

-MultiDisciplinary Team Care Project Advisory Group

• CareSearchCareSearch - Palliative Care National Advisory Group

• PoCoG/PC4PoCoG/PC4 National Joint Consumer Advisory Group

   AIHWAIHW Cancer Data Monitoring Advisory Group

   SA Cancer Research Collaborative

   SA Psycho-oncology Research Group

   CCNSW National Cancer DirectoryCancer Directory Advisory Group


Newsletters (&additional ebulletins)

eBulletin - October 2011

Raising a Voice - June 11


Key Projects

Cancer Conversations in Aboriginal Communities (Cancer Australia Consumer Networks grant)

Report: Yarning about cancer - Cancer Conversations in Aboriginal communities with cancer survivors. Julie Marker, Ashleigh Moore

Online 2way communication for cancer advocacy – (Cancer Australia Consumer Networks grant)

CVSA Business Plan


Cycling team

Monthly training rides and weekly group rides

Cyclosportif – 3 teams in this series Nov11

Participation in Tour Down Under, Ride Like Crazy, Coast-to-Coast, Amy’s Ride, Grand Slam Series

Twitter ride with Lance Armstrong Jan 11

LIVESTRONG Day Ride videovideo (Oct 11)

Interactive website www.cvsacyclingteam.org.auwww.cvsacyclingteam.org.au



Cancer Voices South Australia


Ph.  0431 691 956 


PO Box 588, Kensington Park SA 5068