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Bowel cancer screening could save lives (21 Mar 2011). Nearly 5000 Australians each year die from colorectal cancer - second only to lung cancer among deadliest cancers. Professor Young, co-director of the Flinders University Centre for Cancer Prevention and Control, said that might be halved with a free screening program for people aged more than 50. UP to 2500 lives a year may be saved if the Federal Government spends $50 million on bowel-cancer screening.


Ethical Review procedures for Clinical Trials in AustraliaEthical Review procedures for Clinical Trials in Australia are to be overhauled. The way clinical trials are approved and run will change with the federal government indicating it will accept the recommendations of the Clinical Trials Action GroupClinical Trials Action Group released today. A trial conducted at multiple locations only needs a single ethical approval rather than requiring ethical approval from each institution involved, even across multiple states. (3 Mar 2011)

HALF of men carry virus that causes cervical cancerHALF of men carry virus that causes cervical cancer (1 Mar 2011) See here for more information about Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), cervical and other cancers, and the HPV vaccination debate.

Declaration of Montreal: The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) has formally approved the Declaration of MontrealDeclaration of Montreal – calling for pain management to be a fundamental human right.The Declaration was developed in conjunction with the International Pain Summit in Montreal in September 2010.

February 2011

Cancer outcomes in QldCancer outcomes in Qld match global pattern where disadvantaged areas, areas further from the cityareas further from the city, tend to have lower survival rates and also higher cancer rates where screening isn't as effective. (28 Feb 2011)

The SA Statewide Cancer Control PlanSA Statewide Cancer Control Plan 2011-2015 along with the Aborginal and Torres Strait Islander Companion DocumentAborginal and Torres Strait Islander Companion Document was launched at the SA Cancer Clinical Network forum on World Cancer Day. (4 Feb 2011)

SA 'Cancer Care PathwaysCancer Care Pathways' available online for 'Upper Gastro Intestinal Cancer CareUpper Gastro Intestinal Cancer Care', LymphomaLymphoma, and Adolescents & Young AdultsAdolescents & Young Adults. (4 Feb 2011)

January 2011

Tobacco: New ads link smoker’s cough to lung cancer 
Australian smokers are about to be confronted with the nation's biggest anti-tobacco campaign, with a $61-million advertising blitz linking smoker's cough directly with lung cancer. 
The federal government-funded message is graphic and simple: every cigarette brings cancer closer. Health groups have backed the campaign but advertising industry experts say the public is increasingly immune to scare campaigns. Cancer Council Australia chief executive Ian Olver supported the government's move to follow up on its previous campaign, which carried the message: ''Every cigarette is doing you damage.'' ''We know that the most effective way to drive down the smoking rate is to increase the tax on cigarettes and to combine it with multiple strategies such as restrictions in advertising and strong public health messages,'' Mr Olver said. The Sunday Age 30/01/11 pg 5; The Sun-Herald pg 3; Adelaide Advertiser 31/01/11 pg 14; West Australian 31/01/11 pg 16

CanTeen Youth Cancer Networks ProgramCanTeen Youth Cancer Networks Program launched. Lance Armstrong spoke at the launch, and 2 'youth friendly' hospital ward rooms in the Royal Adelaide Hospital were also officially opened by Jack Bobridge. (24 January 2011)



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