Flinders Charter of Cancer Survivorship

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 The Charter:

Inspired by the spirit of goodwill and collaboration to advance the experience of cancer survivorship, we the undersigned, commit to:


focussing on wellness and not just illness; on survival and maximising ‘quality of life’ for those affected by cancer,


fostering partnerships between clinicians across all healthcare settings, community supports, researchers, and people affected by cancer in our common pursuit of effective planning of care and research affecting survivors,


building a greater understanding of the broad physical, practical and psychosocial needs of cancer survivors, in order to drive practice improvement and research,


helping to eliminate stigmas, inequalities in care and access to care,


building patient self-care capacity and ensuring survivors know what to expect and where to access care, follow-up, information and advice when required.

Anyone affected by cancer is invited to sign up. The Flinders Survivorship Charter is an outcome of the inaugural Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer (FCIC) Survivorship Conference . It brought together cancer clinicians, researchers, policy advisors and survivors from Australia and the world to share their insights into exciting developments in the field of cancer survivorship.  

See the Survivorship Conference program and presentations that speakers are willing to share: Click hereClick here


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