Join our bowel cancer research 'interest group'

SAHMRI (SA Health & Medical Research Institute) clinician/ researchers  Dr Dan Worthley, Susi Woods and Tamsin Lannagan  invite people affected by colorectal cancer (survivors, patients & carers) to meet and discuss possilities to contribute to their cancer research.   Dr Worthley and his team would like to describe the work they do, and seek suggestions for further research that ‘people affected by colorectal cancer’ wish to see them do.

Dr Worthley’s research currently involves testing drugs or combinations of drugs and other agents on their ‘living cells biobank' of colorectal cancer samples, and investigating genetic mutations found in colorectal cancer cells.
There are a variety of ways consumer could be involved in helping their ongoing research work.  No medical, research or scientific expertise is required for your input to be helpful.
Please contact Dr Susi Woods  [email protected] or Cancer Voices Julie Marker  [email protected]  for more information .
Jan 2016 - L to R Bowel cancer Research Interest Group, first meeting: Dr Tammy Lannagan, Paul, Antonina, Julie, Dr Susi Woods, Tony and Caroline - meeting to talk about bowel cancer.
June 2016 - Tricia and Julie with Bowel Cancer Research Interest Group being shown around SAHMRI lab by Dr Susi Woods
Dec 2015 - Dr Susi Woods and Julie Marker met at 'Consumer Engagement in Research' workshop and commenced forming the Bowel Cancer Research Interest Group with Cancer Voices SA



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