Resuming Cancer Voices cycling, walking, group activities

Cancer Voices group activities have resumed with:  cycling (sunday mornings 8am), walk in the park (Belair National Park, 9.30am tuesdays), walk/n/talk with researchers (meet at SAHMRI 12.30pm fridays), Survivors as Teachers (Adelaide Uni medical student tutorials, tuesday afternoons).  

COVID-19 restrictions eased in June 2020 in South Australia, enabling these group activities to resume, albeit with ongoing awareness of social distancing, and stay away if you feel unwell to avoid infection risk to others.

Contact [email protected] for more information. Get fit, stay fit, have fun, share your knowledge and insights as / or with a person affected by cancer.


Cancer Voices South Australia


Ph.  0431 691 956 


PO Box 588, Kensington Park SA 5068