Summary - SA Liberal Government Health Policy, March 2018

A summary of the new SA Liberal Government Health Policy (particularly where relevant to cancer) has been collated by Cancer Voices SA.  

Detailed 8 page PDF attached here.

In summary, there is specific mention of cancer in the following policy documents:
  • - Palliative care purpose built at Modbury Hospital
  • - Palliative care and more colonoscopies at Noarlunga Hospital
  • - a new car parking scheme for all metro public hospitals
  • - Country Cancer Services - double the chemotherapy delivered in regional SA including implementing a statewide electronic cancer information and prescribing system
  • - a Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health to provide leadership and advice within SA Health and the Government on clinical excellence and innovation - to include consumers and modelled on the NSW Clinical Commission
  • - Bowel Cancer Prevention - wipe out waiting lists for colonoscopy, publish numbers and waiting times, aim for national target of four months for colonoscopy after positive test result.
  • - targetting preventive health based on risk profile and Better Prevention for a Healthy SA
  • - new Women's and Children's Hospital
  • - Hospital Outpatient Waiting Lists
  • - Engaging Communities and Clinicians for Better Health - decentralising public health system through the establishment of metropolitan and regional boards of management
  • - Investing in Country Hospitals




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