'Survivors as Teachers' - get involved!

Yes, cancer survivors and carers CAN be very effective teachers, according to feedback from 3rd year medical student tutorials regarding our Cancer Voices SA  'Survivors as Teachers' program :

“…an amazing and intimate insight into the life of a family living with cancer.  
...Interesting factors I would not have otherwise learned or heard about”  
...”treat a patient as a real person, rather than a case to solve”
…. “makes you rethink about how you will talk to and listen to patients when you are in the hospital.  
....Opens your eyes to the way patients want to be treated and how much they want from the health system"

Tutorials are held with a small group of 10-12 students, 3rd year medical students, and are held most tuesdays from 2-3pm at Adelaide Uni in the New Medical School during March to September.  This is our 7th year (in 2018) of running this highly regarded series of 15 or so tutorials/year.
We have a Cancer Voices facilitator for tutorials, a main speaker (or couple) who share their experience, insights and tips for good practice regarding the impact of a cancer diagnosis, treatment and beyond ... on the whole of your life, family, relationships, finances, ... things you've learned about yourself, strategies for coping,  things you've appreciated from the clinicians you've encountered, and things that could be done better.
Please contact [email protected] if you wish to be involved. 


Cancer Voices South Australia


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