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Good information that is relevant to everyone may come from international websites as well as details for local supports and services.



Hearing their stories and communicating with other survivors

Survivors are sharing their stories and they are as diverse as the people and the cancers.

LIVESTRONG Survivors StoriesLIVESTRONG Survivors Stories - a series of short video interviews (USA)

Voices of SurvivorsVoices of Survivors - short videos exploring 'survivorship' and what that means to the individual. (USA)

Cancer ConnectionsCancer Connections is an online community with Forums and Blogs to link people with cancer, their carers and families. (Cancer Council New South Wales).

Cancer ConnectCancer Connect (USA) - Blog, videos eg. young Qld Cancer Voices survivor Coping with Permanent Hair LossCoping with Permanent Hair Loss; health & wellness issues, managing side effects, cancer tips

healthtalkonlinehealthtalkonline (UK) There are many different types of cancer. healthtalkonline have interviewed a wide range of people with personal experience of cancer, so that you can share in their stories. (UK) Several types of cancer occur in young people more commonly than other types. youthhealthtalk interviewed 34 young people about their experiences of cancer.

Living with CancerLiving with Cancer - a series of short videos with practical tips and observations from cancer patients eg.

Reaching out to people with Cancer,

The little stuff 'meant so much'

Denial over cancer diagnosis

How friends helped her through cancer


South Australian cancer survivors have told us their experiences, some via Cancer Conversations which contributed to the Campaign to Control Cancer: GoPublic initiative in 2009, eg

"I was angry initially at ( decision not to have radiotherapy, then accepted and respected his right to choose".(KS, Cancer Voices SA member)

Some South Australian cancer survivors have told their story on YouTube, YouTube, others on TVTV, and other send us tips eg

"I liked very much the books by Arthur Frank about his experience as a cancer patient and his life therafter. He is really strong on the idea of the patient knows more, and as a patient you should always keep that in mind!!!" (AV, Cancer Voices SA member)


Practical tips

You might have to make some plans and decisions before starting treatment eg banking sperm, have a dental checkup and dental hygienist appointment.

Look Good, Feel BetterLook Good, Feel Better: a free community service program dedicated to helping women undergoing treatment for cancer. The purpose of the program is to help them manage the appearance related side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, thereby helping to restore their appearance and self image.

"Cancer changed my life - into a financial disaster.  I’ve survived the ‘terminal cancer’, but the divorce and ongoing financial hardship nearly killed me.  I fall between all the cracks for support". (LM, Cancer Voices SA member)

Recipes and nutritional tips

Eating Well: A practical guideEating Well: A practical guide for people living with leukaemias, 
lymphomas, myeloma and related blood disorders. Leukaemia Foundationof Australia (Note: this booklet has some practical and useful tips for all types of cancer)

Eating Hints: Before, During, and After Cancer Treatment (US National Cancer Institute, Dowload PDFPDF)

Good Nutrition During ChemotherapyGood Nutrition During ChemotherapyGood Nutrition During Radiation TherapyGood Nutrition During Radiation Therapy (Caring4Cancer Nutriton Video SeriesNutriton Video Series, US)

Effect of cancer treatment on nutritionEffect of cancer treatment on nutrition (US National Cancer Institute)


"accept any help that is offered, even though it may not always be helpful and sometimes it might upset you in some way at the time. Later on, looking back over the many ups and downs, it helps to know that others cared enough to try to be of assistance." (PS, Cancer Voices SA member)



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