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Cancer information and support

NEW!  Children's CancerChildren's Cancer ... Australian online cancer resource from Cancer Australia (Aug 2015)


Understanding Your RightsUnderstanding Your Rights  This useful booklet by the Cancer Council NSW sets out what patients can reasonably expect, both from health services and themselves as they undertake the cancer journey. Order a copy by ringing the Cancer Helpline in any state around Australia ph:131120.

iheardiheard - Heard something about cancer and not sure if it's true?  Check out the Cancer Council website iheardiheard for answers.

Cancer DirectoryCancer Directory is a new website that provides the community and health professionals with a useful, comprehensive online directory of trusted Australian cancer resources.  A website developed by the Cancer Council NSW.

Information about many types of cancer, including the symptoms, treatments, clinical trials, coping with cancer, screening and diagnosing cancer.

 Guidelines for specific cancers: treatments and side-effects, treatment and safe prescribing protocols.

 Information to help you understand your test results.

 Complementary Therapies are used alongside conventional cancer treatments, usually for symptom relief.  Alternative Therapies are those used instead of the cancer treatments recommended by health care professionals.

 These resources may help you, your family and friends 'weather the storm' of physical, emotional, psychological, social effects after a cancer diagnosis.

 Organisations and information about support for people living with Cancer. 

Diet, physical activity and body weight: risk factors for cancer. 

 Some groups and populations have special needs and interests when it comes to cancer treatment and care  eg Aboriginal, Adolescent and young adults affected by cancer. people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse background, Rural and Remote location residents ..... 

Information on a variety of cancer issues can be found in this section. eg Asbestos & Mesothelioma, HPV, ChemoBrain, Brain cancer issues eg anger management-personality change, Sexuality and cancer, Work and cancer, Depression & anxiety, Lymphdema, living with a colostomy, Chemotherapy induced Peripheral Neuropathy, Physical activity, Music as medicine, Nutrition, Rare Cancers, Living with Advanced Cancer.....fertility and cancer, ... Travel Insurance after a cancer diagnosis

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