Cancer types and treatments

Information about many types of cancer, including the symptoms, treatments, clinical trials, coping with cancer, screening and diagnosing cancer.

 CancerBackUp UKCancerBackUp UK Cancerbackup's mission is informing, understanding, supporting - to give cancer patients and their families the up-to-date information, practical advice and support they need to reduce the fear and uncertainty of cancer (charity organisation).

CancerHelp UKCancerHelp UK provides detailed patient information about specific cancers, symptoms, treatments, side effects and clinical trials (check out the 'Site Map'). It is part of Cancer Research UKCancer Research UK a leading charity in the UK dedicated to cancer research. Other sections of the Cancer Research UK site are: Cancer & Research, Cancer Statistics, Cancer prevention (charity organisation). has comprehensive information from the textbookCancer Management: a multidisciplinary approachCancer Management: a multidisciplinary approach, as well as information for patientspatients: Myths and Facts.

The Cancer Council New South WalesCancer Council New South Wales has booklets and online information (charity organisation).

The Cancer Council SACancer Council SA provides information and links to local services, counselling and support groups (charity organisation).

Better Health ChannelBetter Health Channel Health and medical information for consumers, quality assured by the Victorian government (Australian government).

American National Cancer InstituteAmerican National Cancer Institute is a comprehensive site reflecting the Institutes role in coordinating cancer research programs on cancercancerpreventionprevention, detection, diagnosisdiagnosis, treatment, rehabilitationrehabilitation, and control (US government).

Cancer.NetCancer.Net has comprehensive oncologist approved cancer information from the American Society of Clinical Oncology & The ASCO Foundation (US non profit professional organisation representing physicians who treat people with cancer)

American Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society provides information for consumers and health professionals. 'Choose a cancer topic' lists cancer types (charity organisation).

Livestrong Cancer SupportLivestrong Cancer Support aims to help help you understand what to expect, what questions to ask (non profit organisation)

National Comprehensive Cancer NetworkNational Comprehensive Cancer Network – provides information in alliance with the American Cancer Society. Excellent detailed treatment pathway documents are updated several times/year. You need to register to access these, but it is free. (Clinical professionals from 21 US cancer centres contribute to this not-for-profit alliance)

National Comprehensive Cancer Network - consumer focussed informationconsumer focussed information

HealthInsiteHealthInsite is an Australian government initiative to provide reliable health information (Australian government).

Cancer Buddies NetworkCancer Buddies Network website has links to good sites to find information.

Rare cancers - The Rare Cancer AllianceRare Cancer Alliance provides information about rare types of cancer or pediatric cancers, as well as basic information useful for all types of cancer. Check the site-mapsite-map for an overview to good links.

Haematological Malignancy Research NetworkHaematological Malignancy Research Network - excellent consumer friendly information as well as a population-level registry in the UK that collects data on pre-malignant lesions, treatment and recurrence for haematological malignancies.


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