Cancer Voices SA Cycling Team: How we got started!

The  2009 Tour Down Under (TDU) was the stimulus for our cancer advocacy group, Cancer Voices SA, to ‘get on their bikes’.


 By recruiting riders to a Cancer Voices SA team for the Mutual Community Challenge Ride, we aimed to raise awareness of cancer and promote Cancer Voices SA. Ashleigh Moore, Chair of Cancer Voices SA, needed just 5 people to form a team, then kept inviting others to join.

We started training together in early December 2008, in preparation for the 2009 Tour Down Under Community Challenge Ride.

Thanks Ben Flannagan from Stonyfell EFM Health Club, for volunteering to take us on training rides. The training tips plus encouragement from these rides helped many to achieve a ‘personal challenge’ way beyond expectation.

 Having a team of 123 members set a TDU Challenge Ride record! After the 2009 TDU many riders expressed interest in continuing to ride with us.


Cancer Voices South Australia


Ph.  0405 806 857 


PO Box 588, Kensington Park SA 5068