Cycling Team Rules and Guidelines

All Cancer Voices SA members are WELCOME on training rides, especially our new Team members.  We invite newcomers to come on a ‘trial’ ride or two, but for insurance and safety reasons we expect riders to officially join the team if they wish to continue attending Training rides.


Due to the increasing number of team members and to ensure rider safety it has become necessary to develop clear Rules and Guidelines, similar to other larger cycling groups.


Download a PDF version of the Cancer Voices Cycling Team Information & Guidelines



Members of the Cancer Voices SA Cycling Team ride with understanding and acceptance of our Rules and Guidelines:

Riding is at your own risk.

Bicycle accident insurance which includes 3rd party insurance is required by all members.  Cancer Voices SA suggest membership with BikeSA which provides the benefit of this insurance.  See the BikeSA accident insurance details herehere.

Ride safely, adhere to road traffic laws and look after your riding buddies.


Jerseys.  Wear our jersey whenever you ride to promote Cancer Voices SA.  However, our distinctive jerseys makes it even more important when on team rides, in cycling events and when on the road alone, that we always do our best to be respectful and represent Cancer Voices SA with safe, courteous riding.  We do not want Cancer Voices SA to be famous for all the wrong reasons. We expect every rider who has our jersey to wear it on Training Rides. In events where there is a jersey provided to promote the event’s cause, we encourage team members to participate in this.  Where there is no event-jersey option, we encourage you to wear the Cancer Voices SA jersey. 

Concerns. Any incidents, issues or concerns should be discussed with the Group Leader after a ride, email [email protected] or ph: 0403 925 599.

Fundraising.  Cancer Voices SA does not fundraise as a Team for any organisation other than for Cancer Voices SA, unless approved by Cancer Voices SA Executive.  Individuals are entitled to fundraise for any charity they wish, but this is their personal choice and they should not impose on members of Cancer Voices SA to support their fundraising efforts.

Media.  All Media should all be referred to the Cancer Voices SA cycling team’s nominated media spokesperson(s)  -  Ashleigh Moore phone: 0403 925 599 or Jim Vlahakis 0412 390772.

Cancer Voices SA Cycling Team members will be placed on the Cancer Voices SA mailing list.  If you wish to unsubscribe, email[email protected] or phone: 0403 925 599.

Cancer Voices SA will presume permission to use photographs taken during a cycling related event for promotion purposes.




Cancer Voices South Australia


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