Group Riding Tips

While riding in a Group provides benefits and advantages (both socially and from a safety standpoint), there are also a number of inherent dangers riding in close proximately to another rider.  Riding in a group also carries responsibilities.  

Everyone needs to stay alert, ride predictably, and follow a few basic guidelines. In the interest of your own safety and the safety of other riders in the group, all riders should adhere to the following:

Always obey the road rules:
• Stop at red lights and stop signs.
• Give hand signals where necessary.
• Traverse roundabouts on the correct side.

Share the road:
•  Unless riding on a road where a bike lane is evident, riding two abreast is legal.  Riding more than two abreast is not permitted.
•  Be courteous by not taking up more room than necessary to ride safely.
•  When stopped at a red light, avoid blocking turning lanes.
•  When passing parked cars, stay at least one metre wide to avoid being "doored."
•  When the road narrows and there is traffic, we MUST work together to share the road as well as use available bike lanes.
•  If you're holding up traffic, (particularly in the back when the pace can sometimes be slow), then you could be upsetting a driver that might take it out on the people in the front.
•  When you hear "CAR!" MOVE OVER and/or single up.  The goal is to move as a coordinated unit.
•  Be a team.

Communicate warnings:
•  Let others know your intentions.
•  If you are slowing, stopping, or turning, signal or call out your intentions.
•  Watch for potholes, storm drains, sand, and other hazards and point them out.
•  If you hear a car approaching from behind, shout, "Car back!"

Passing another rider
•  Always pass on the right.
•  Check for overtaking traffic and call out, "On your right" as you approach the other rider to let them know you're there.
•  Try to pass on a flat, straight section of road.
•  Passing on curves or downhill runs can be dangerous.
•  Try to match the pace of the other riders and avoid frequent passing.

•  When making a right or left turn, maintain your position within the group.
•  Don’t swerve or pass during the turn.  Especially avoid passing on the inside of a left turn.
•  Use hand signals when approaching a turn.
•  When preparing for a right turn, check for overtaking traffic, signal your intent, and move to the right.

Be alert:
•  Socializing with the other riders is part of the fun of group riding but stay tuned in to what’s going on around you.

Be cool:
•  If something unexpected happens, please don’t slam on your brakes.  That can create a pileup.
•  Keep riding smoothly.
•  The group will usually do a controlled stop a short distance up the road.

Look after your riding buddies:
Look after those around you and stop to help team members in the event of a puncture, accident or incident.  Let others in the group know your intentions eg. If you intend to turn back, want the rest of the group to wait, or ‘know your way’ and will continue on and maybe catch up later.  We recommend that riders put the contact number for the Cancer Voices Cycling Team coordinator Jim Vlahakis  Mobile 0412 390772 or of their Group Leader into their phone, for emergency contact during a team ride.


When riding for Cancer Voices SA Cycling Team you have an added responsibility to behave in a safe and law abiding manner.



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