Go Public: Global Community Conversations on Cancer Control

The Go PublicGlobal Community Conversations on Cancer Control initiative was launched on World Cancer Day February 4th, 2009.

Go PublicGo Public asked volunteers worldwide to hold 'Cancer Conversations' and submit a summary of each 'cancer conversation' to contribute to an international report. A toolkit of online resources was provided to assist with this.

Overwhelming participation from volunteer-hosts between February, 4th and June 15th 2009 resulted in:

  • 2,341 participants involved in
  • 201 conversations
  • from 29 countries in
  • 12 languages


These conversations took place across the world between people whose lives have been touched by cancer in many different ways: oncologists, radiologists, nurses, researchers, patients, survivors, family members, and many more. Held in boardrooms, living rooms, kitchens and community centres worldwide.


These people-powered conversations, helped shape the agenda of the GO PUBLIC: Global Leadership Forum for Cancer Control, where the Final Report was presented on 23-26 September 2009 in Ottawa, Canada.

A report from the Forum Steering Committee, 'The People vs Cancer: Round 1The People vs Cancer: Round 1', followed in November 2009, with recommendations of 'where to from here'.

Words about cancer

The GoPublic WordleWordle is a visual depiction of the words most often mentioned in 'Cancer Conversation' reports from '201 conversation facilitators' from 2,341 participants. The size of the text indicates the number of times the word was mentioned.


Cancer Voices SA - GO PUBLIC: Global Leadership Forum Highlights

Cancer Voices SA contributed 12 (of the 201) 'Cancer Conversations' to Go Public, and Ashleigh Moore, Chair, Cancer Voices SA attended the Global Leadership Forum in Ottawa in September 2009. Ashleigh participated in a Panel Discussion session on Day 1 of the Forum. See some of the highlights.

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What does 'Cancer Control' mean?

Fair question! Cancer Conversations reported that 'cancer control' means different things to different people.

It seems the general public is overwhelmed and confused by mixed messages; we need to be guided by simple clear steps to take action and reduce cancer risk.

Coordination, collaboration and communication were raised as being key to achieving change.


What needs to change?

Participants identified some of the assistance they felt was needed:

  • Connections with other people and organizations
  • Access to specific*information or resources
  • Leadership and direction for the movement
  • Access to funds to support specific engagement activities
  • Assistance with logistics and technical support


If you would like to find out more and get involved in Cancer Voices activities, email [email protected]



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