Our Strategies

Cancer Voices SA Strategic Plan 2021-2025

The plan was developed by the Executive Team and is based around feedback from members and the community.

Our goals

Our goals focus on Influence, Leadership, Partnerships and Operations. These goals will be linked to a set of strategies and indicators of success that will inform us of our progress and outcomes.

1. Providing Leadership at the State and National Levels

  • Sustain and increase our Education and Wellness programs
  • Improve information and communication about cancer to raise awareness of emerging issues at the local, state and national levels

2. Influencing outcomes for people affected by cancer

  • Advocate to improve cancer quality and safety
  • Increase consumer involvement in the development, implementation and review of South Australia’s Cancer Services
  • Advocate for the coordination of the care of children and young people living with cancer

3. Working in Partnership with Policy Makers, Health Professionals and Researchers

  • Increase consumer involvement in cancer research projects and participation in clinical trials
  • Increase our partnerships with policymakers, cancer health professionals and cancer researchers to achieve common goals

4. Managing Operations to build sustainable organisation

  • Build sustainable management and operations of CVSA
  • Increase our membership and achieve our purpose and vision.

Our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan can be viewed or downloaded here.