Improving our health systems and services

We don’t have just one health system, but many, often disconnected systems. People diagnosed with cancer have to navigate these systems at what is often one of the most vulnerable times in their life.

Cancer Voices hears many different cancer journey stories, particularly where something has gone wrong, or could have been done better by the ‘system’. We try to understand issues from the patient’s perspective. We try to harness that understanding, together with our knowledge of health systems and practices and take positive steps to improve the journeys for others.

A number of our members lend their advocacy voice to strategy, policy or operational committees. We also write letters of influence; we make submissions to government inquiries; we present our views at conferences and workshops; we contribute to and foster the informal networks where issues are discussed and decisions made.

We do all of this as volunteers, because we care and because we wan’t to make a difference.

If you would like to contribute to our important advocacy work, consider joining our Health Services Improvement interest group.