Cancer Survivorship

Survivorship refers to the time from diagnosis of cancer for the span of your life. The term is also inclusive of partners, carers, family and those closely affected.

Cancer Voices SA has been actively involved as project partners in many initiatives to enhance the survivorship experience for cancer patients, carers, families, friends including:

Return to Work after cancer – a collaborative website development project.

Statewide Cancer Survivorship Framework project, with templates for treatment summary, care plan and needs assessment.

Charter of Cancer Survivorship – an outcome of the inaugural 2013 Survivorship Conference

Cancer Survivors’ Framework for Survivorship Care, a Cancer Voices Australia Position Statement, 2015

Australian Digital Health in Cancer Care Roadmap – a collaborative project.

Population monitoring of survivorship in Australia – developing a Core Outcome Set for Patient Reported Outcomes   Dr Imogen Ramsey, PhD project
A core set of patient-reported outcomes for population-based cancer survivorship research: a consensus study
Core outcome sets in cancer and their approaches to identifying and selecting patient-reported outcome measures: a systematic review