Survivors as Teachers

Our flagship ‘Survivors as Teachers’ program involves speakers telling their story, illustrating the ‘whole of life impact’ of a cancer diagnosis and the aspects of care or factors that helped us (or not!). Our purpose is to improve understanding of diversity in person-centred care.

Cancer Voices has held tutorials and workshops with health and medical students, cancer survivors, researchers and policy/program managers.

Since 2012 Cancer Voices, in collaboration with A/Prof Jo Thomas, have been running 12-15/yr of these ‘survivor led’ small-group tutorials with 3rd year medical students at Adelaide University.

The evaluation and student feedback indicates the impact and value gained from these sessions, providing an important added dimension to their education:

“…an amazing and intimate insight into the life of a family living with cancer.  

…Interesting factors I would not have otherwise learned or heard about”  

…”treat a patient as a real person, rather than a case to solve”

…. “makes you rethink about how you will talk to and listen to patients when you are in the hospital.  

….Opens your eyes to the way patients want to be treated and how much they want from the health system”

Publications describing this program:


If you would like to learn more about these programs, or even volunteer to tell your story, then please register your interest with us.  Join in our  Survivors as Teachers interest group, or email