Welcome to the Cancer Voices South Australia new online community.


We have established this as a means to communicate with our members.


An active online community will enable us to:

  • represent, respond and respect the views of the broader community of those affected by cancer
  • encourage and support members to speak up and speak out for better cancer treatment and care *
  • canvas community members views to keep abreast of current issues and concerns
  • communicate, discuss and disseminate information
  • obtain feedback from members regarding suggestions for action by Cancer Voices SA


Share your experience, thoughts, ideas, suggestions, tips and resources.


Together we can encourage, support and empower each other to raise a voice for those affected by cancer through advocacy, involvement, awareness and information.


*( The spectrum of cancer care includes prevention, screening, early detection, diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, palliative care).


Cancer Voices South Australia


Ph.  0431 691 956 


PO Box 588, Kensington Park SA 5068